THE MADEIRA ISLANDS By Anthony J. Drexel Biddle – 1896


THE MADEIRA ISLANDS By Anthony J. Drexel Biddle, Drexel, Biddle & Bradleypublishing company, 1896

Guia da Madeira em inglês com 115 páginas, 27 Ilustrações, um mapa do Funchal e um da Madeira.

Destaque especial para os capítulos:
The Rural Districts
The Country People as Compared with the Townsfolk
The Rede
Music and the Machete
Fête Days and Celebrations
Strange Customs and Ceremonies
Christmas Day and How the Islanders Observe
Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Celebrations
The Madeiran Dance

Madeira from the Sea Frontispiece
Funchal — From the East
Funchal— From the West 
Their torches flashed luridly in the blackness of the night
Hotel Miles Carmo
A Family Party 
A Carro
A Citizen of Funchal
A Countryman from Fayal
A Senorita in her Private Rede
Native Musicians
The Theatre 
A Glimpse in the Public Gardens 
The English Church — View from the Street 
A Street Scene — Christmas Morning in Funchal
A Country Girl of the Laboring Class 
A Rich Young Country Lass 
The Cathedral 
A Group of Funchal Ladies
A Rural Dwelling 
Santa Cruz
A Native of Calheta 
Scene in Funchal — A Ribeiro
Castello de Joao Battista do Pico
Funchal — Early Morning on the Beach
Butcher and His Victim
Early Morning in a Market Place


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